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Bail bonds Services

Bail Bonds Services: Do you get Bail Money Back?

Without bail bondsmen it is likely that many local jails and holding cells would quickly become overpopulated. People rarely plan on getting arrested, so it is common for them to not have enough money available to pay their own bail. This is why bail bondsmen became an important feature of the criminal justice system. They make it possible for nearly anyone to make their bail and be free to return home and back to work while they wait for their court date.

How it Works

After someone has been arrested and charged with a crime, an amount is set for bail. In instances where the crime is considered severe enough the bail may be a substantial amount. The law does not allow bail amounts to be set at an unfair rate, but when someone is considered a risk for flight, high bails are imposed to make them less likely to run. A bail bondsman is called when the amount is too high for the individual being held or their family to finance on their own.

bail bonds services

bail bonds services

After the Call

Most bail bondsmen are available 24-hours a day. When called, they work quickly to arrange for their client’s release, often within an hour or two of requesting the service. Most bail bondsmen will require at least 10 to 15 percent of the bail in cash, with the remainder in collateral. They will pay the bail, releasing their client from jail and hold the collateral to ensure the client attends all the court dates. This is the point when most people want to know, do you get bail money back?


If the client attends all their court dates as required, the bail bondsmen will receive back the bail money they paid. If the client “jumps bail” by not attending their court date, the money is not returned to them and in return the bail bondsman will take ownership of the items which were used as collateral.

When everything goes right, the bail bondsmen will then release their hold on the collateral, giving back all rights to the owner. The 10 or 15 percent cash which was paid upfront by the client or their family is not refunded because this is the fee the bail bondsmen charges for their services. It will be charged no matter what the outcome of the case happens to be.


The fee people pay is based on more than the risk the bail bonds company takes, but also the effort they put into each case. Most companies will assign an agent from their company to track the client’s case. They will inform their client of court dates and any changes in dates when they occur. They will often go to court with the client as well.

In truth, the answer to the question, “do you get bail money back?” should be yes because all bail bonds companies provide a valuable service to their customers from the very beginning to the end of their ordeal. Bail bonds offices are legitimate businesses licensed by the state so they do charge fees for their services and these fees are not refundable. They are not the same as bounty hunters, although some will hire bounty hunters to locate clients who jump bail.