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Quick Answers: Bail Bonds Huntington Beach

Bail is money paid to the court (whether by the accused or his representative; as a family member or lawyer) to ensure that the defendant will attend all required court dates. Deposits are paid at the time of the filing of charges or within a few days. When a deposit is paid to the court, the defendant is required to appear in court as many times as necessary until the trial is concluded or the sentencing is handed down. If you are in need of bail bonds in Huntington Beach, continue reading.

What are bail bonds, and how can bail bond agents help?

Suppose the defendant does not have the resources to pay the entire bail at the time of arrest. Instead of staying in jail (this would happen if the defendant cannot pay the bail), the defendant may obtain the services of a bail bondsman. In turn, the bail bondsman will get the accused out on bail. The accused or his representative will need to pay a fee, or premium, in advance. Usually this is 10% or 15% of the total bail amount. In some cases you will also need to provide collateral to secure the bond. The fee or premium is not refundable.

Here’s an example. If the full amount of bail is $10,000, the cost to obtain a bail bond (the fee or reward) will be anywhere between $1,000 (10%) to $ 1,500 (15%) and is non-refundable. The collateral required to secure bail on a $10,000 bond, either in cash or in a form of acceptable collateral, will have to equal the full amount of the bond.

What is collateral? What are acceptable forms of collateral? And, it always required?

Collateral is some property that the defendant, or his representative, provides the bail bondsman, which gives them full legal control of the collateral. Collateral is a way of ensuring that the defendant will fulfill all their obligations to the court, including to appear in court each time they are required to. If the defendant fails to appear in court every time they are legally obligated to, the bail bondsman – such as bail bonds Huntington Beach – could sell the collateral to recover the amount paid when they paid for the initial bail.


bail bonds Huntington Beach

Acceptable forms of collateral are: cash, cars, real estate (houses), and credit or credit from credit cards. This is not a complete list; you can call any bail agent for more specific information. Sometimes collateral is not required. Your signature may be the only guarantee needed, especially if you own your home. However, it depends on the amount of bail, the charges against the defendant and other factors. Also, collateral may not be needed if you have a good job and good credit. Call bail bonds Huntington Beach for specific forms of collateral that they accept.

What happens if the defendant does not pay the deposit?

If a deposit is not paid, the defendant remains in jail until his trial is over. This means that the defendant cannot return to work, and may not have much opportunity to participate in the preparation of his defense for trial. Remaining in jail is usually the last thing that a defendant wants to do because this causes so many complications and problems for them.

What are the advantages of hiring a bail bondsman rather than the defendant posting bail in cash?

The amount of money required to post bail immediately is much less when you hire a bail bondsman. If the defendant pays the bail without obtaining the services of a bail bondsman, the defendant has to pay 100% of the deposit immediately. With the bail bondsman, the amount of money required immediately is only 10-15% of the total bail. The amount of the bond is easily secured with defendant’s collateral.

There’s also more privacy when using the services of a bail bondsman. Instead of the defendant providing their personal information to several people – trying to get the money for their bail – the accused or their representative will only have to give their personal information to the bail bondsman. Bail bond agents can save time too, because they are very familiar with the process as well. For more information on bail bonds Huntington Beach, contact your local bondsman today.